Call me “Matt” or “Dr. Hoven.” Either works.


Why take one of my courses? I’m personable and professional. I want students to succeed: to learn the course content and see how it can impact their world.

Based on what students tell me, here’s reasons for enrolling in my courses:

If you want to know what courses I’m teaching in the near future, click this link to the College’s webpage. You can click on my latest course outlines there, or simply email me for them.

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I sometimes post videos on YouTube, which include descriptions of my courses. If you want to see them, check them out here.

(At the College, my courses include religion and spirituality. I find the area fascinating and appreciate the fact that we get a safe space to talk about it at university. As an act of disclosure, I state my religious perspective for students while I also draw from other Christian traditions and touch upon other religions. Given my work in qualitative studies, I like to understand my students’ religious backgrounds—including religious nones. I can teach students better when I know more about them and their interests.)

In short, my teaching is better than a slapshot to the face!

Here’s where I was going to cherry pick some written endorsements from former students, but I’ll save you from that. You’ll have to trust me; go on "Bear Tracks" and enroll!