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I was a schoolteacher before becoming a professor. I taught at St. Augustine’s Elementary School in Ponoka, AB, and John Paul II High School in Ft. Saskatchewan, AB. I like collaborating with local schools now as a professor, whether something as simple as taking students on a field trip to a school, or completing qualitative research with students and educators. I like staying connected to schools.

Community Education

Being a part of St. Joseph’s College, I’m fortunate to liaise with local districts. I'm pleased to have students in CHRTC 410 interview local educators in Catholic schools about what it's like to teach, lead, and do chaplaincy in the schools. I'm pleased to speak with local teachers and offer professional learning sessions on faith, sport, leadership, etc. In the past, we've ran an event called "Dinner and a Course" and I sometimes teach a course in Catholic educational leadership in the Faculty of Education. I also co-chair and review theses completed in Secondary Education related to religious education and Catholic education. Overall, we at the College aim to assist local Catholic schools in the development of pre-service teachers and beyond.

I’ve been able to write high school modules about sport and spirituality—thanks to the financial support of Edmonton Catholic Schools. Contact me and I’ll send them to you.

If you are looking for a speaker on topics of religious education, sport and spirituality, sport and religion, or Catholic education, then perhaps I can help – contact me about a date and your expectations. You can view my CV here; I include past presentations, my areas of interest, and research publications.

Articles for Educators

I’ve written a number of articles you might be interested as an educator. I include some samples below, but only the first page of each in order to adhere to copyright law. If you are interested in reading the rest of these papers (or others), just ask.

The Influence of School Catholicity on Sport Educator-Coaches

Brief: I'm the lead author of this paper about how Catholicity supports and challenges the work of local coach-educators.

View the paper at this public link.

Beyond Tebowing and Superstitions: Religious Practices of 15-year-old Competitive Athletes

Brief: This is a paper based on interviews I did with young athletes and their use of religion and spirituality: there’s more religion in sport than Tebowing and superstitions!

Read the first page of the paper.

Ideas for Practitioners - Talking about Science in RE: Some Strategies

Brief: Here’s the start of a short article written for teachers interested in strategies for connecting religion and science. Take a look.

Read the first page of the paper.

A Made-in-Alberta High School Religious Education Program

Brief: This short paper is about the religious education (RE) curriculum and the need to re-examine past RE work in Alberta to inspire future plans for curriculum design.

Read the first page of the paper.