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Below are various links some of the works I've authored, as well as interviews and features.



Hockey Priest (Sport. Faith. Life.)

In this podcast, I chat about the release of my book Hockey Priest with a couple of American colleagues.

Listen to the podcast from Sport. Faith. Life. on Apple Podcasts.

Sport can connect us with higher purpose in life (Folio)

This short article explains the genesis of our book about a faith stance on sport and includes the photo of presenting the book to Pope Francis.

Read the news article produced by the University of Alberta.

Lived Religion and Sport (Christian Scholar's Review)

Here's an excerpt of my work on lived religion and sport, where I show how people live out their faith in sporting environments.

Read the post on the to the radio segment on the Christian Scholar's Review site.

Technique and Spirit on Ice (Sport. Faith. Life.)

In this podcast episode, I chat about the connections between sport, the community, and how religion and sport's rituals give us a deeper understanding of the divine.

Listen to the podcast episode from Sport. Faith. Life.

Sport and faith: It’s more than a game (The Catholic Register)

The Catholic Register was generous enough to write on the book above and provided me with a platform to reflect on sport and faith.

View the article on The Catholic Register's site.