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For Future (and Current) Students

Call me “Matt” or “Dr. Hoven.” Either works.

Why My Courses?

Why take one of my courses? I’m personable and professional. I want students to succeed: to learn the course content and see how it can impact their world.

Based on what students tell me, here’s reasons for enrolling in my courses:

  • I teach about interesting things.
  • I am dedicated to engaging the student learner.
  • I make things relevant. I work hard and put a lot into my planning.
  • I teach a lot of great people—you’ll like meeting them. (Did I mention smaller class sizes at the College?)
  • I trust that you want to learn; I encourage you to reflect and discuss in class.
  • I’m open to all students—you need not be a certain kind of student or person to take my classes and do well.
  • My assignments are meaningful, connecting the course content to real life.
  • My assignments aren’t just academic papers—I assess through a variety of methods.
  • I choose course readings that are manageable, interesting, and that challenge your thinking.
  • I make connections to Indigenous Peoples and cultures.
  • I bring in guest speakers.
  • I get repeat offenders, along with relatives and friends of former students.

If you want to know what courses I’m teaching in the near future, click this link to the College’s webpage. You can click on my latest course outlines there, or simply contact me for them.

Courses I Teach

The list of courses I primarily teach are:

  • Sport and Religion (CHRTC 220): This introductory course overviews connections between and new frameworks for understanding sport and religion. My goal is for students to see sport in a new light, making them rethink the place of sport in their lives. What can I say, it’s a great course.
  • Teaching Religion: Secondary (CHRTC 381): If you plan to teach in religiously-affiliated schools (or in church settings), here’s a fitting course. Students get an overview of a sociology of religion in Canada, gain practical pedagogical skills, and beef up their theological knowledge. I’ll bet you make a friend or two along the way.
  • Teaching Religion: Elementary (CHRTC 380): Ditto. This course is similar to the one above, but focused on teaching and learning with children instead of adolescents.
  • Integrated Learning in Catholic Education (CHRTC 410): Students complete qualitative interviews with local educators in the Edmonton area to better understand what it's like to teach in a Catholic school. I hear people question if there's any real difference teaching in a faith-based environment; why not ask the people who teach and lead in the schools?
  • The Theological Education of the Catholic School Teacher (CHRTC 250): This is an introductory theology course for teachers. It’s a solid overview of all things Catholic.
  • Leadership in Catholic Education (EDU 596): I am sometimes seconded to the Faculty of Education to teach this course as part of a leadership certificate for educational leaders.
  • Although I mostly work with undergraduate students in the Fall and Winter, I have offered graduate reading classes at the College and have been part of doctoral and master’s committees in the Faculty of Education.
  • All told, I teach and work with other instructors who teach in our Certificate in Catholic Education. It's a hiring asset with local and provincial Catholic school boards.

In short, my teaching is better than a slapshot to the face!

Here’s where I was going to cherry pick some written endorsements from former students, but I’ll save you from that. You’ll have to trust me; go on "Bear Tracks" and enroll!